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Clients and Testimonials

Consulting History of Nonprofit Mergers and Partnershipssince 8/06

Partnership: The Corporation for Supportive Housing/Chicago Office and the Supportive Housing Providers’ Association of Illinois
Acquisition: Work, Welfare and Families and The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (acquiring entity)
Merger: Abraham A. Low Institute and Recovery, Inc.; now doing business as: Abraham Low Self-Help Systems
Partnership Conflict Resolution: Central City Housing Ventures and Chicago Christian Industrial League
Post-Merger: Research and Development of a New Board of Directors, Chicago Alliance to End HomelessnessFuture State Assessments: SeveralWorkshops and Trainings on Strategic Re-Structuring: Many, ongoingOther merger and collaboration engagements currently in process.

In an era of fierce competition for scarce resources and ever
increasing client need, nonprofit agencies -- and the sector overall --
must create and implement new and innovative strategies to remain
relevant and effective. Jean Butzen has the skills, experience
and most important, the vision, to help us create healthier, smarter,
more effective and efficient organizations.  Her focus has always been
doing what's right for the client.  And unless our organizations are
strong and forward-thinking, and our mission, strategy, values and
resources are all aligned, we simply won't be able to do what's right
-- and best -- for our clients.  It's nice to do good, but we
must do it well.  I'm looking forward to working with Jean and Mission
Plus Strategy Consulting as we re-envision and re-invigorate our
organizations and our sector. Mark Ishaug, President and CEO, AIDS Foundation of ChicagoOur
experience working with Jean Butzen was superb.  She understood and
translated our wishes into the perfect philanthropic project for us.
She communicated clearly and promptly, helped us expand our thinking,
followed through, and was efficient in the use of both her time and
ours.  We recommend her unconditionally and would work with her again.Jim and Brenda Grusecki, The James P. and Brenda S. Grusecki Family FoundationOn
behalf of the Supportive Housing Providers Association (SHPA), I am
writing to express our complete satisfaction with Jean Butzen’s
facilitation of our partnership agreement with the Corporation for
Supportive Housing, Illinois. …SHPA and CSH came together to clarify
roles, to develop a plan for working together, and to reduce
competition for funding. Jean helped us plan the process for
accomplishing this, facilitated the process, helped us over rough
spots, and kept on schedule. …All of us who worked on the agreement,
staff and board members alike, are pleased with our finished
product…Throughout this process, jean listened carefully to what we
wanted and reflected that back to us in clear written form. She was
very supportive of both entities, but maintained her objectivity
throughout. She both encouraged us to think beyond our preconceived
notions and listened respectfully when we stated where we could not go.
When we got stuck, she gave us a framework for working through our area
of disagreement. She helped keep us stay grounded throughout with her
steadiness.Janet Hasz, Executive Director, Supporting Housing Providers Association

Clientsas of 6/09
Abraham Low Institute and Recovery International; now doing business as: Abraham Low Self-Help Systems
The AIDS Foundation of Chicago+   The Badger Association of the Blind/Center for Blind & Visually Impaired Children+   Center on Halsted
+   Central City Housing Ventures
+ The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness (a merger of the Chicago Continuum of Care and the    Partnership to End Homelessness)
+ The City of Los Angeles Housing Department
+ The Corporation for Supportive Housing, Illinois office
+ The Corporation for Supportive Housing, California Office+  Donors Forum
+ The James P. and Brenda S. Grusecki Foundation+  Lake County Residential Development Corporation +  Mercy Housing, Inc.Northwest Housing PartnershipThe Resurrection Project
+ The Renaissance Collaborative
+ The Supportive Housing Providers’ Association of Illinois
+ Work, Welfare and Families  (Now the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability)