Submitted by Nancy Williams on September 16, 2015 - 12:54

Come Sit with Me - Mindfulness Meditation Workshop, Friday, September 25, 12-3 PM

Come Sit With Me 

Really. I mean it. Come sit with me. Friday afternoon. Too busy? Too stressed? Too much to get done before you head out the door for the weekend? I’ve found that at times that I’m the most busy is when I need to sit the most.

What else are you going to be doing those last 3 hours of the week? You owe it to yourself. The work will still be there, I promise. And you might find that by taking a few hours to put space between all the work and the weekend, you might find that you really needed to take a breath or two.

Come sit with me. It really does make a difference to sit in the company of others. I get so much more out of it than sitting alone. I have so much I want to share that I’ve learned over the past 16 months in my training program. The challenge for me is that I’ll only get to spend 3 hours with you when what I’d really like is 3 days.

You need to care for yourself, just as much as you care for others. Slowing down doesn’t mean giving up. It was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn that I go so much farther with others even though I feel like I’d move so much faster alone.

Come sit with me.

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SooJi Min, executive director of Temple Beth Emeth in Ann Arbor, MI and a nonprofit consultant, recently completed a 16-month long mindfulness meditation teacher training program sponsored by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and the Awakened Heart Project that focused on the intersection of Judaism, mindfulness and social justice. An Evanston, IL-native, Min first studied mindfulness as a 2010 Chicago Community Trust Fellow. She has facilitated mindful leadership workshops for the Selah Leadership Network and the National Association of Temple Administrators. She is a 2010 Chicago Foundation for Woman Impact Awardee, a 2007 Illinois Women’s Institute for Leadership delegate, and a 2006 Leadership Greater Chicago fellow.