Equity and Inclusion: Social Impact

Mission + Strategy considers four key areas of information to assess when making decisions about accomplishing social impact; please see the accompanying graphic.

Mission + Strategy Consulting (M+S) includes an equity and inclusion assessment as a key part of all of our planning work.  Assessing, understanding and making decisions about equity and inclusion is crucial to social impact.  M+S has tailored an internal equity and inclusion assessment based on the work of the D5 Coalition that addresses equity and inclusion across these five areas: 

  • Has the organization made an expressed commitment to EI?
  • Has it authorized EI in organizational policy?
  • Has it implemented EI practices in its operations?
  • Has it implemented EI practices in programmatic areas?
  • Has it used accountability mechanisms to monitor EI?

The results of this assessment will lead to clear recommendations, within each unique organizational culture, toward making progress on equity and inclusion.  This work is intended to move organizations from standard diversity assessments of ‘counting differences’ to inclusion considerations of just whom is at the table when decisions are made.