Submitted by Jean Butzen on September 28, 2008 - 11:42

"Learn How to Gain Back-Office Efficiencies Through Workshop on Strategic Re-Structuring"

Have you wanted to learn more about how to gain organizational efficiencies and extend program services for clients through nonprofit strategic re-structuring? On Nov. 14th I will be offering an introductory workshop on the basics of nonprofit partnerships, management service organizations, and mergers in a workshop titled Merge to Grow! at the Donors Forum in Chicago. During this three-hour workshop beginning at 9:00a.m., I will present an overview of each type of strategic re-structuring model, the benefits and draw-backs of each type, and the basic steps in implementing the strategies. The workshop will be held at 208 S. LaSalle, Suite 1535. For more information about the workshop click here. Please join us!
- Jean