Strengthening Leadership — One Breath at a Time Series

Led by SooJi Min, Mission Plus Strategy Consulting

Mindful Breathing 2

Mindfulness is about being fully awake in our lives. It is about perceiving the exquisite vividness of each moment. We feel more alive. We also gain immediate access to our own powerful inner resources for insight, transformation, and healing.
— on Kabat Zinn

The need for centered leadership is probably greater now than ever before. But before we can be fully balanced and present, it’s important to heal our own distrust, divisions and fear. We can do this by cultivating compassion for ourselves and others. Join me for a workshop on breath, movement and engagement. Small ways to build stronger, more resilient organizations together.

Please note each of these workshops is its own event; there is no commitment to attend future dates should you attend one event.

You can read more about how important quiet is in "The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time" from the Harvard Business Review.

Strengthening Leadership — One Breath at a Time Series

the first Friday of each month, June 2nd, July 7th, (not August), Sept. 1st, Oct. 6th, Nov. 3rd (not December)

Upcoming Time:

June 2

10 AM to noon


$36/person per session

 Register here.


National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum, Chicago office, 4350 N. Broadway, parking available, Wilson "L" Stop. 


Bring a yoga mat, water bottle and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

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