Growing Solutions

An organization makes its biggest investment in its people and in its places. People will deliver your results in service of your focus and future impact. Increasing organizational effectiveness toward that future requires cultural transformation—assessing current culture, addressing conflict, implementing improved communications and aligning culture to strategic direction.


Culture Building

M+S Consultants will conduct a thorough assessment of your current organizational culture while implementing a process for you to imagine a powerful vision of how the organization will function for maximum impact and satisfaction. After the assessment period is complete, M+S partners with you to design, contextualize and implement the leadership and management tools necessary to achieve that vision.


The practice of being present, reducing stress and distractions, increasing connectivity and compassion can be fully integrated into leadership, team-building and decision-making processes at your organization through trainings, practice and systems change. Mindfulness practices offer leaders and staff members concrete opportunities to achieve focus and strategic clarity.

Conflict Resolution

Heal the past in order to focus on the present and embrace the future; understand individual and team dynamics and create a plan to address and resolve conflicts moving forward. Specific services offered are mediation, arbitration, and restorative practices such as circle-keeping and group conferencing.

Case Studies

Read “Tending Roots: Conflict Resolution to Embrace Change,” a case study on our Culture services, focusing on our Conflict Resolution and Culture Building work.
Shannon Sullivan helped this organization work through old and new issues brought to light by a leadership transition. With an eye toward action but respect for the process, the agency was able to move forward on its new strategic plan in good organizational health.