Mission + Strategy Collaboration Conversations

Welcome to our Mission+Strategy Collaboration Conversations video Series where we will be profiling nonprofit leaders who have led their organizations through deep collaborations.

In our first conversation of our Collaboration Conversations video series, we meet Jean Butzen, Founder of Mission+Strategy Consulting (M+S) and Greg Petersen, CEO of Keystone Alliance (Keystone). These two nonprofit leaders have embarked on a collaboration that will offer other nonprofit organizations a single source for all of their collaboration and back-office needs, and at the same time, ensure that the distinguished M+S legacy of impact continues far into the future. Hosted by Chief Collaboration Officer for M+S and Keystone, Jean and Greg discuss the collaboration process from the initial idea to implementation, the key issues and stumbling blocks they encountered along the way, and their insights into the importance of collaboration for the broader nonprofit sector.


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Embracing Coming Together Webinar, May 28, 2020, presentation, PowerPoint file

Embracing Coming Together Webinar, May 28, 2020, presentation, video:


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May 19th, 2020 webinar by Mission + Strategy's Jean Butzen on Nonprofit Mergers in association with the Association of Nonprofit Management: