About Mission Plus Strategy Consulting

Mission Plus Strategy Consulting was founded by our president Jean Butzen in 2006.  Jean, having been the President/CEO of Lakefront Supportive Housing during its merger with Mercy Housing, learned that mergers and other strategic restructurings could help individual agencies and the non-profit sector as a whole. She founded Mission Plus Strategy to help other agencies with their strategic restructuring needs, and over time discovered talent in herself and her team in helping non-profits with other “big-picture” areas of need.

The team at Mission Plus Strategy Consulting believes that any given non-profit’s biggest contribution is social value, and our mission is TO ACCELERATE SOCIAL VALUE. Our four practice areas, with many subspecialties, can help your agency expand its reach and deepen its impact.  Our four practice areas are:

Mission Plus Strategy holds the following values, our compass points to aid us in serving our clients and our people.

  • Celebration – We infuse our work with the joy we find in partnering with our clients for success
  • Collaboration – We believe in the power of many voices and ideas, and leverage that power into impact
  • Courage – We partner with our clients to embrace change by asking the ‘big questions’ and designing ‘big solutions’
  • Excellence – From the small details to the big picture, we provide superior service, value, and products
  • Inclusion – We intentionally create processes and environments that honor the diversity of experiences and reflect the value of differences
  • Integrity – Accountability, respect, and responsibility are at our core

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Our Team

Jean Butzen

President and Founder


David McConnell



SooJi Min-Maranda

Senior Consultant, Michigan


Rashmi Narsana

Senior Advisor, Operations and Revenue Analysis


Marc Rolfes

Senior Consultant, Strategic Planning Services